MMA Grappling 格鬥柔術

MMA Grappling 格鬥柔術

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格鬥柔術 是一門結合巴西柔術技巧與格鬥的課程,全程無道服,課程以如何使用柔術抵抗打擊技術的攻擊或結合地面技術控制並增加地面打擊率。 這種格鬥與柔術的結合的例子我們常見於熱門綜合格鬥大型國際賽事,例如:UFC。 培訓過程中皆以安全且有效的控制管道進行課程,且非常安全。

MMA Grappling is using the techniques of BJJ but while not wearing the gi and being mindful of which of these techniques would be best while using it against an opponent who is trying to strike you as well as grapple. Examples of this sort of grappling can be seen in MMA promotions like the UFC. Training is done at a safe and controlled way and is really safe.

Event Hours(1)

  • Tuesday 二 (06/18)

    07:00 am – 08:00 am

    Coach Dan

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