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What is Jiu Jitsu? 什麼是巴西柔術2021-11-27T17:03:57+08:00

BJJ is a martial art which involves taking your opponent to the ground, controlling them while they are there and working towards being able to submit them with a variety of chokes and arm/leg locks. During the BJJ classes we wear a traditional gi and belt. There are no strikes at all in BJJ, its very safe.

巴西柔術是一項武術,它包括將你的對手帶至地面,實施地面技術控制對手,並能運用不同的絞技 手臂十字固以及腳鎖等多樣技巧制伏對手。 BJJ課程中,我們穿著正規的道服以及腰帶。 BJJ巴西柔術課程並不包含站立打擊,所以它是非常安全的一門課。

Are beginners welcome? 初學者可以參與課堂?2021-11-28T18:59:19+08:00

Of course, we have lots of beginners. We currently have two beginners classes that are perfect for new people to attend Monday 7pm and Saturday at 2pm. 

You can view the Schedule here.

當然,我們有很多初學者。 我們目前有兩堂初學者課程,非常適合新手,分別為週一晚上7點和週六下午2點.   課表

Is BJJ safe? 柔術訓練安全嗎?2021-11-28T17:43:36+08:00

Training Jiu Jitsu with us is incredibly safe, all of our members train in a way that always keeps their partners safe. We are all friends here at Catch Jiu Jitsu and making sure no one gets hurt is always our top priority. 我們道館的柔術訓練是非常安全的,我們規劃課程的最大宗旨就是確保所有的成員在有趣的訓練中保護彼此安全。 在這裡我們都是朋友,確保沒有人在訓練中受傷永遠是我們的首要任務。

Which classes can I come to? 請問我應該參與那些課程?2021-11-28T17:44:40+08:00

You can come to all classes, the sparring class however is only for people who are ready to spar. 你可以參加所有的課程,但是,實戰課程只適合準備好進行實戰的學員。

What do I wear? 我應該穿什麼服裝訓練!2021-11-28T17:45:32+08:00

For your first class you can wear shorts or pants (without any zippers) and a tight fitting t-shirt. For the BJJ classes we wear a gi, but you can borrow until you decide to get one of your own. 第一次上課你可以穿著運動短褲或長褲(不帶拉鍊或金屬裝飾)和緊身運動上衣。 對於BJJ道服課程,我們穿的是道服,但你可以向我們租借道服,直到你决定買一個屬於自己的。 

Do you have a free trial? 有免費體驗課程嗎?2021-11-28T19:00:39+08:00

We have two beginners classes per week, check out schedule here. The beginner classes are free to try, just contact us and we will set up a free trial. 我們每週有兩堂初階柔術課程,請查看官網的時間表。 初學者課程將開放一堂免費體驗,請聯繫我們,我們將幫您安排免費體驗一堂。

What age can my kids start? 我的孩子幾歲可以參加兒童班?2021-11-28T17:58:15+08:00

Kids can start as young as 5 years old, we feel by this time most kids are ready to learn. 幾歲可以加入兒童班? 孩子們可以從5歲開始學習,以我們的教學經驗 大多數孩子在這個年齡已經具備良好的學習能力

Can kids train? 小孩可以參加訓練嗎?2021-11-28T17:47:21+08:00

Of course, we have kids classes. Jiu Jitsu is amazing for kids, it helps them stay active, get fit, gain confidence and many other great benefits. 當然,我們有兒童班。 柔術對孩子們來說是一項很棒的訓練體能以及防身運動,能幫助孩子們保持活力,保持健康,獲得自信,還有許多其他的好處。

What is the BJJ Beginners class? 什麼是道服柔術初階2021-11-27T17:05:31+08:00

This is BJJ for beginners, each class will assume that you have no prior knowledge of BJJ and we will teach a small aspect of it so that by the end of the class you will be able to do a little bit of BJJ. Sparring during this class is not required and you are able to just learn the technique at a slow and controlled pace. It won’t matter too much if don’t have a gi for your first few classes.

道服柔術初階這是針對巴西柔術初學者設計的一門課程,在無任何柔術經驗前提,我們將會在每節課程教學基本柔術動作以及概念,確保初階學員能在安全的情況下在每堂課程結束時學會一點柔術基本技巧及防身。 在這節課上不需要進行實戰,你將能以簡易緩慢而可控的速度學習技巧。 課堂前幾堂如果沒有準備道服穿著,也是可以加入課程

What is Sub Grappling? 什麼是無道服降伏課程?2021-11-28T17:49:18+08:00

Sub Grappling (Submission grappling) is a form of BJJ in which we try to use the techniques of BJJ but while we are not wearing the gi. A tight fitting shirt and shorts are usually worn. There are no strikes during submission grappling but all submissions can be used.

無道服降伏無道服降伏課程是巴西柔術的另一種形式,在無道服的情況下練習地面技術。 通常穿緊身運動上衣及短褲訓練。 無道服課程不包含打擊技術,主要以多種地面降伏技術以及控制教學。

What is MMA grappling? 什麼是格鬥柔術?2021-11-28T17:48:56+08:00

MMA Grappling is using the techniques of BJJ but while not wearing the gi and being mindful of which of these techniques would be best while using it against an opponent who is trying to strike you as well as grapple. Examples of this sort of grappling can be seen in MMA promotions like the UFC. Training is done at a safe and controlled way and is really safe.

格鬥柔術 是一門結合巴西柔術技巧與格鬥的課程,全程無道服,課程以如何使用柔術抵抗打擊技術的攻擊或結合地面技術控制並增加地面打擊率。 這種格鬥與柔術的結合的例子我們常見於熱門綜合格鬥大型國際賽事,例如:UFC 培訓過程中皆以安全且有效的控制管道進行課程,且非常安全。

Can girls train? 女性可以訓練嗎?2021-11-28T17:50:10+08:00

Of course, we have a lot of girls who train. Some are very experienced and some are beginners but they are all very friendly. 當然,我們也有很多女孩在訓練。 有些人有豐富的柔術經驗,有些人是初學者,但他們都是很友善的訓練夥伴。

How long before I can spar? 我什麼時後才可以進入2021-11-28T17:51:04+08:00

The coach will tell you when he thinks you are ready to spar. Once you have shown you understand the basics of Jiu Jitsu and are safe and ready then you will be allowed to try sparring.  教練會藉由你的訓練評估你什麼時候準備好進入實戰訓練。 一旦你的訓練表現出你瞭解柔術的基本知識以及安全的重要性,那麼你就可以嘗試實戰練習了。

What is sparring? 什麼是實戰訓練!2021-11-28T17:51:53+08:00

Sparring is when you and your opponent are both trying to win at the same time, it’s still very safe. We train in a way where both people can get good at the same time. 實戰訓練是模擬比賽訓練 你和你的對手都試圖使用柔術技術贏得獲勝,它同時也是是非常安全的。 藉由實戰的訓練模式能讓兩個人都能同時取得更好的進步也是課堂技巧的驗收。

How much does a membership cost? 如何收費?2021-11-28T19:02:36+08:00

Our full pricing options can be found on our pricing page here. 我們的完整收費資訊可以點選網頁價錢選項 即可了解更多

What is wrestling? 什麼是角力訓練2021-11-28T19:06:28+08:00

Wrestling is the art of taking your opponent to the ground using a series of controls and takedowns and then controlling your opponent on the ground. Takedowns are really useful for any type of grappling as all fights start on the feet in real life. Wrestling classes can be attended in shorts and tight fitting t-shirt. 角力訓練 是一門著重於有效的控制技巧和方法抱摔對手在地的競技運動。 在現實生活中,所有的格鬥都是從站立開始,因此,在常見任何類型的格鬥中,角力都是非常實用的。 角力課程可以穿著短褲和緊身上衣參與。

If you have any other questions please get in touch with us here. 如果您有任何其他問題,請聯絡我們

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