Kids Class 兒童課程

Here at Catch Jiu Jitsu, we are happy to provide a safe, friendly and very comfortable environment for kids to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). BJJ is a great martial art for kids to learn and is the most popular martial art for kids in many countries due to its benefits. 巴西柔術兒童班 在Catch Jiujitsu,我們很高興為孩子們提供一個安全、友好且舒適的環境學習巴西柔術。 BJJ中文為巴西柔術是一種非常適合孩子們學習的武術類競技運動,由於它的諸多好處,在許多國家巴西柔術成為最受孩子們歡迎的武術運動。

Our coaches have a wealth of experience having trained in BJJ for over 15 years and your kids will be in great hands to start their martial arts journey. At the moment the kids can be aged from 5 years old to 13 years old, as the program grows we will add more classes for different age groups. 我們的教練在巴西柔術的領域中擁有超過15年豐富的訓練及教學經驗,您的孩子在這裡能在最好的帶領下開始他們的武術之旅。 目前孩子們的招生年齡範圍為5歲到13歲,未來隨著課程的發展,我們也將為不同年齡組新增更多的課程。

  • Benefits include 孩子訓練巴西柔術的好處包括:

  • Your kids will get very fit and healthy. 您的孩子會擁有更健康強壯的身心。

  • They’ll learn to defend themselves. 他們將學會保護自己。

  • It’s a super fun activity. 這是一項非常有趣的互動式運動。

Coach Dan 丹教練
Coach Dan 丹教練1st Degree black belt 黑帶一段
Coach Dan has been coaching BJJ for over 10 years as his profession, he has taught at many world class gyms around the world. He is known for his incredible Jiu Jitsu knowledge as well as his fun style of coaching. He believes that a class is sucessful if the students acheive 3 things: They should sweat, they should smile and they should learn something. 丹教練作為職業教練指導巴西柔術已經超過10年了,他曾在世界各地許多世界一流的道館執教。 他以豐富的柔術知識,驚艷的柔術技術和有趣的執教風格而聞名。 他認為,如果學生們能做到三件事,一堂課才算是成功的:他們應該流汗,他們開心微笑,他們學會技巧。
Coach Phil 菲爾教練
Coach Phil 菲爾教練BJJ brown belt 柔術 棕帶
Coach Phil has been training for over 12 years and really found his calling when it came to coaching kids. All the kids love Phil for his playful and fun coaching style, the kids definitely learn a lot and get a good work out but they have an amazing time doing so. 菲爾教練已經訓練了12年多,在指導孩子方面 他擁有自己的使命和天賦。 所有的孩子都很喜歡菲爾有趣的教練風格,讓孩子們學到了很多專業技巧和鍛煉,同時又感到有趣歡樂.