Dan is a well-known competitor at the black belt level around Asia and also in countries across the world. He has achieved many gold medals including a world title at the prestigious NAGA World Championships. In addition to the many medals he has won across the world he has won the Taiwan International Competition at black belt many times making him one of the most successful competitors in Taiwanese history. Coach Dan competes in both gi and no-gi competitions and is also an undefeated MMA fighter with a record of 5 wins and 0 losses (4 submissions, 1 KO).

As well known as our coach is as a competitor he is even more respected as a world-class coach. He has coached many champions in gi, no gi and MMA competitions throughout over 10 years of coaching. Dan has coached seminars in over 20 countries including: Japan, Singapore, China, USA, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Ukraine and many more. Famous for his attention to detail, he has a humorous and friendly coaching-style. However, his ability to get his athletes to a very good level in a very short period of time is where he really stands out.

丹是一位在亞洲和世界各地著名的柔術參賽選手。他獲得了多面金牌,包括在著名的那霸柔術世錦賽上獲得冠軍。除了在世界各地贏得許多獎牌外,他還多次在柔術黑帶國際比賽中獲勝,使他成為台灣歷史上最成功的選手之一。丹教練參加了多項gi(道服)和no gi(無道服)比賽,也是一名不敗的MMA綜合格鬥選手,有5勝0敗的戰績(4次降伏獲勝,1次KO擊倒獲勝)。 我們的教練除了是台灣眾所皆知的參賽選手,更有世界級教練尊敬的稱號。他在10多年的執教生涯中,曾教出多位 gi(道服)no gi(無道服)以及MMA綜合格鬥比賽中的冠軍。此外丹教練曾在20多個國家主持過柔術研討會,包括:日本、新加坡、中國、美國、英國、法國、波蘭、烏克蘭等。以注重細節、幽默友好的執教風格而著名。然而,真正讓他脫穎而出的,是他總是有能力讓他底下的運動員在很短的時間內達到非常好的水平和出色的柔術表現。


Chris Hauter
Chris Hauter 6th Degree Black Belt - One of the first American Black belts. 黑帶六段 美國最早的黑帶之一
“Not only is Dan an excellent instructor, and a mean ass grappler, but he is in no way boring! His classes are funny, insightful, and often entertaining beyond belief!”
Magid Hage
Magid Hage2nd Degree Black Belt - Head Instructor Gracie Barra Escondido - Baseball choke extraordinaire. 黑带2段 Gracie Barra Escondido 主要創辦人, 以非凡的棒球絞而著名。
Danimal is the fucking man! I went to teach a seminar at his gym a few years ago; he leglocked me like 7 times and ended up teaching the seminar himself. Honestly, I was blown away at how technical his jiu jitsu is. He’s a nerd of the sport and practices what he preaches. And he’s always down to put it on the line in a competition, a true martial artists!
Danimal 就是那個該死讓我難以忘懷的人!幾年前我去他的柔術道館教研討會,他腿鎖我7次,最後他自己教了我的研討會。老實說,我被他的柔術技術搞得暈頭轉向。他是個柔術迷,總是能精確的把自己所專研的柔術技巧精準的運用在教學上。而且對於比賽總是無所畏懼的,是一位真正的武術家!
Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacDonald1st degree Black Belt - Head Coach at Arete BJJ. 黑带一段, 泰國Arete BJJ 主教練
We have hosted Dan at Arete on a couple occasions and we can’t wait to have the Scot back. Dan is an excellent teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience teaching and competing and one of the pioneers of the gentle art here is Asia.
我們已經接待過丹來Arete BJJ 執教好幾次了,我們迫不及待地想再次讓這位蘇格蘭人回來。丹是一位優秀的教師,擁有豐富的知識和教學經驗,是亞洲柔術這項文雅武術的先驅之一。
Charles Harriott
Charles Harriott 1st Degree Black Belt - Globetrotters Camp Coach. 黑帶一段 Globetrotters 訓練營教練
“Dan is a legit black belt as both a teacher and competitor. Despite years of experience he is still hungry and improving his game. Definitely worth a visit to his gym if you are ever in Taiwan. Highly recommend”
Kári Gunnarsson
Kári GunnarssonBJJ Black Belt. 柔術黑帶
Dan is a very detail oriented and technical instructor; but more importantly, he also has a laid-back and fun attitude, making his classes a great time.
Vaughn Anderson
Vaughn AndersonBJJ Brown Belt - Bellator MMA Veteran 術棕帶 Bellator MMA 經驗豐富的選手
Dan takes training and coaching Bjj very seriously, but at the same time is fun to train with. I brought Dan around to some top Pro MMA teams and BJJ gyms in China and his skills impressed everyone.
Christian Graugart
Christian Graugart3rd Degree Black Belt, Founder BJJ Globetrotters. 黑帶三段, BJJ Globetrotters創始人。
“I have had the pleasure of training and traveling with Dan for many years, as well as hosting him to teach at the BJJ Globetrotters camps, and he is definitely one of the better instructors and competitors I have come across.”
“我非常榮幸和丹一起訓練以及旅行多年,並接待他到BJJ Globetrotters 柔術訓練營執教,他絕對是我遇到的最好的教練和競爭對手之一。”
James Doolan
James Doolan BJJ Black belt under Roberto Atalla - Higher level MMA head coach - Kickboxing 4th degree black belt. Higher level MMA 主教練 站立自由搏擊黑带四段 Roberto Atalla 之下的BJJ黑带
I’m generally pretty fussy in regards to who we bring in for seminars after being left disappointed a few times. I’ve followed Dan on social media as he’s travelled the world teaching and competing and been impressed watching him do both from afar. So whenever he’s back in Scotland, we try and get him to my gym and my affiliate gyms. Dan’s seminars have been up there with the best we have hosted. The information is always modern and relevant, Dan coaches with a relaxed manner while putting across a great level of detail, commanding the group and is careful to coach to the various levels in the group. One thing I really like is Dan will ask you what you want him to teach, which most guys on seminar circuits won’t do. Anytime Dan is in Scotland I’ll have him teach at Higher Level.
Leonardo Machado
Leonardo Machado3rd Degree Black Belt - Head Coach BTT Plano - Multiple IBJJF Black belt champion. 黑带三段, BTT Plano主教練, 多次IBJF黑帶冠軍
“Dan is a very nice and awesome guy, along with being great at jiu-jitsu and an overall great fighter. Ever since I started training with him, he’s always had a guard impossible to pass.”
AJ Pyro
AJ PyroBJJ Black Belt - Head Coach of Borneo Tribal Squad. 主教練 Borneo Tribal Squad 創辦人
Dan came to the BTS MMA and gave two training sessions – one for Gi and one for No-Gi. Dan explained the techniques simply and used a refreshing sense of humour which helped participants enjoy the training and relate to the moves better. Dan demonstrated the techniques and positioning in great detail, step by step, and gave the participants plenty of opportunity to drill and practice each move as they progressed during training. Most appreciated was during the No-Gi session, Dan Reid chose techniques that were especially practical for MMA, not purely for Jiu Jitsu, meaning the students will be able to apply what they learned in more areas of their training. We enjoyed having Dan Reid, a very humble, genuine and patient coach and look forward to having him back at BTS.
丹來到BTS MMA並進行了兩次訓練教學。一次是針對Gi道服,另一次是針對No Gi無道服。丹簡單但精確地解釋了這些技巧,並使用了令人耳目一新的幽默感,這有助於參與者享受訓練並更好地與動作產生記憶連結。丹一步一步地詳細地演示了技巧和姿勢,並給了參與者充分的機會在訓練過程中不斷練習和練習每一個動作。最受讚賞的是在無道服的課程中,Dan Reid 結合了MMA綜合格鬥特別實用的技術指導,而不只是單純只能運用在柔術的技術,這意味著學生們將能夠把學到的知識應用到更廣的訓練領域。我們很高興認識到Dan Reid,一個非常謙虛,真誠和耐心的教練和期待他能再次到BTS MMA授課。
Shinya Kakita
Shinya Kakita BJJ Black Belt. 柔術黑帶
I first met Dan when he came to Singapore for an invitational competition in 2017, he was really technical and dominated much bigger opponents.
Dan came back to Singapore in a few months to host seminars with Craig Jones around Asia.
Since then, I always try to learn his high-level jiu Jitsu from him whenever I get a chance.
The way Dan explains techniques is very clear and organized, easy to understand for both beginners and experienced grapplers.
I can’t wait to roll with him again.
當我第一次見到丹是2017他年來新加坡參加邀請賽,比賽中他真的有很好的技術,並且控制了更高大的對手。幾個月後,丹回到新加坡,當時的他正與Craig Jones 在亞洲各地舉辦研討會。從那以後,只要有機會,我總是努力向他學習他的高水平的柔術技術。丹解釋技術的方式是非常清楚和有系統組織的,對初學者和有經驗的格鬥手都很容易理解。我迫不及待地想再和他在一起訓練。