This is BJJ for beginners, each class will assume that you have no prior knowledge of BJJ and we will teach a small aspect of it so that by the end of the class you will be able to do a little bit of BJJ. Sparring during this class is not required and you are able to just learn the technique at a slow and controlled pace. It won’t matter too much if don’t have a gi for your first few classes.

道服柔術初階這是針對巴西柔術初學者設計的一門課程,在無任何柔術經驗前提,我們將會在每節課程教學基本柔術動作以及概念,確保初階學員能在安全的情況下在每堂課程結束時學會一點柔術基本技巧及防身。 在這節課上不需要進行實戰,你將能以簡易緩慢而可控的速度學習技巧。 課堂前幾堂如果沒有準備道服穿著,也是可以加入課程