BJJ is a martial art which involves taking your opponent to the ground, controlling them while they are there and working towards being able to submit them with a variety of chokes and arm/leg locks. During the BJJ classes we wear a traditional gi and belt. There are no strikes at all in BJJ, its very safe.

巴西柔術是一項武術,它包括將你的對手帶至地面,實施地面技術控制對手,並能運用不同的絞技 手臂十字固以及腳鎖等多樣技巧制伏對手。 BJJ課程中,我們穿著正規的道服以及腰帶。 BJJ巴西柔術課程並不包含站立打擊,所以它是非常安全的一門課。